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Walmart steps up Amazon battle with nationwide grocery delivery (3-15-2018)

Clothing retailer Zara brings AR(augmented Reality) displays to stores to attract millennials (3-15-2018)

Selecting the Most Effective Advertising Media (12-13-2017)

How businesses use social media: 2017 report (11-14-2017)

Facebook advertising !!!skip to #6 #7 and #8!!!!! (10-17-2017)

Rule of 7 in Marketing! is your message getting heard? (10-16-2017)

How to win lifelong customers for your business - 5 strategies (6-9-2017)

10 Content Marketing and Customer Experience All Stars (5-04-2017)

Turn Pricing Strategies into a Strategic Advantage (3-21-2017)

9 Proven Methods for Generating Sales Leads (2-27-2017)

Online Behavioral Marketing (1-24-2017)

Virtual Reality Marketing (1-17-2017)

Teenage Marketing Social Genius (1-10-2017)

What Marketing Pros Need to know about live video in 2017 (1-4-2017)

How to Build a Marketing Campaign for Generation Z (12-8-2016)

How to Guarantee Success with Your Launch-Party Swag (12-6-2016)

M R O I (11-29-2016)

Conversion Rates (11-15-2016)

Erik Qulman youtube video on social media (11-16-2016)

SoLoMo (11-9-2016)

Business Management + Administration

Turn Pricing Strategies into a Strategic Advantage (3-21-2017)

Hospitality + Tourism

Facebook Ccancels F8 How the Coronavirus is disrupting tech conference worldwide (2-27-2020)

16 Ways Tech is Changing the Tourism Industry (2-12-2018)

Travel and Tourism is improving due to Articifial Intelligence (6-8-2017)

Turn Pricing Strategies into a Strategic Advantage (3-21-2017)

Virtual Reality Marketing (1-17-2017)


Artificial Intelligence Uncovers Outrageous Employee Expense Reports(2-29-2020)

Adobe using AI to improve Bank Customer Service(10-26-2017)

Turn Pricing Strategies into a Strategic Advantage (3-21-2017)

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